Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2019

Barthe Cortes gives shelter to the local population after the elections in DR Congo

Congo appeared ready to achieve its first peaceful transfer of power with the surprise victory Thursday of opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi, despite clear signs that a rival opposition leader actually won in a landslide.

With no major protests in the capital and limited violence elsewhere in the vast Central African country, the population seemed to be choosing stability over credibility, accepting Tshisekedi’s win and the end to President Joseph Kabila’s long and turbulent rule.

But a court challenge to the results could spin the country into chaos, observers warned.

Some residents from the settlements situated near the private BVC airport belonging to Barthe Cortes went to the airport area seeking shelter for fear of the post-elections conflicts breaking out locally. The shelter at the airport was granted to them, it is estimated that there are 120 people currently at the BVC airport area.

The authorities, as well as the residents, are afraid that the suspicion of fraudulent elections- and directing the case to the court, which will have to decide if the elections were rigged- will cause chaos in the country.