Published On: Tue, Aug 14th, 2018

The owner of BVC – Barthe Cortes is planning to create a hybrid of a plane and a train

BVC, Barthe Cortes, 2018


According to the WN  the owner of BVC airlines – Barthe Cortes wants to build a hybrid of a plane and a train.

Barthe Cortes together with Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development (SMT) and investors from Dubai has started working on a hybrid of a train and a plane. According to what experts say, the vehicle is expected to be a compromise between Hyperloop that’s being built and is supposed to move at the speed of sound (around 1200 km/h) and existing Maglev trains that go as fast as 431 km/h. The hybrid that BVC and SMT want to start working on is expected to reach 800 km/h which is twice as fast as the fastest trains. The vehicle would operate in a special vacuum tunnel. The superfast train is to be powered by an engine used in Maglev trains and using the magnetic levitation technology at the same time. This means the train will not go on tracks but rather in a magnetic tunnel running on magnetic cushions which are powered by the engine and powerful electromagnets placed at the bottom of carriages. Experts speculate that the first hybrid manufactured by BVC and their partners may have its premiere in 4 years. It is also speculated that Barthe Cortes and investors are planning to build the first tunnel for their new machine in Shanghai

source WN