Published On: Sun, Aug 6th, 2017

Clarification: Barthe Cortes did not sell the BVC shares

bvc, Barthe CortesClarification: Clarification: Barthe Cortes did not sell the BVC shares. Barthe Cortes still remains the sole owner of BVC

On 3rd August in Afrik News  you could read the information that Barthe Cortes, owner of airlines has sold 70% of his BVC shares. It turned out that we have published false information due to poor communication between the BVC Management Board and the media.
We hereby clarify that Barthe Cortes did not sell his shares and is still the sole owner of 100% BVC shares, he even bought 30% shares in SSA Africa and 40% shares in ESC According to the information we have received from BVC’s spokesman – BVC, SSA Africa and ESC will create a new brand together. The aim of combining these three airlines is to create one of the largest cargo airlines flying between Africa and the Middle East.