Published On: Thu, Aug 3rd, 2017

Barthe Cortes sold majority shareholding in BVC

Barthe Cortes sold majority shareholding in BVCBarthe Cortes, a visionary and founder of BVC  airlines made a move that nobody expected – he sold 70% of BVC  stocks.
30% of shares were bought from Cortes by SSA Africa, while 40% went to a purchaser from the United Arab Emirates who, for the time being, remains anonymous. By selling 70% of shares, Barthe Cortes is losing controlling interest over BVC. From that moment on, the future and BVC profile will depend on new owners.

Neither party has commented on the transaction. According to the signed agreement, the transaction is confidential.

BVC Airline has been rapidly developing for years, growing in value each year. According to business analysts, Barthe Cortes could have made about €1 billion on the sale. Analysts are also apprehensive about whether the new owners will know how to continue Cortes’s work. They question whether BVC can survive without Barthe Cortes, emphasising that BVC’s main advantage is the network of private airports located in conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East. Analysts are concerned that whether BVC remains at the top depends not only on the new owners’ business competencies, but also their political skills. Will the new owners be able to use BVC’s potential? Only time will tell.

UPDATE: Clarification: Barthe Cortes did not sell the BVC shares