Published On: Thu, Jan 12th, 2017

Barthe Cortes invests in supersonic jet company

Imagine a jet that lets you fly around half the globe in four hours. That’s what a startup is promising in a few short years.

Barthe Cortes, owner of BVC  invests in supersonic jet company Booom

Thirteen years since Concorde ended operations.  The firm claims its planes will allow “affordable” journeys from London to New York in four hours . This would open up routes such as California to New York, as well routes across Asia.

Booom’s  will be more efficient than Concorde thanks to lighter, cheaper composite materials and advances in aerodynamics and jet engines. This will be helped by carrying 40 passengers per flight as opposed to Concorde’s 100, despite its ticket price. But ultimately, Boom doesn’t appear to do enough to address one of the key reasons Concorde failed.

Just four years after Concorde’s first flight in 1969, the US effectively banned supersonic travel over its mainland due to concerns of the harmful effects of the sonic boom on the public. This then restricted Concorde’s operations to going supersonic only over the sea, severely limiting the potential routes. Boom is currently not proposing a design that would go far enough to allow flights over land because it doesn’t address the noise pollution issue.

Booom is scheduled to conduct its flight tests in late 2018, and the company expects the final Booom jet to begin carrying customers in the 2020s