Published On: Mon, Dec 26th, 2016

East Africa: Gulf Nation Grows Military Foothold in Horn of Africa

0The United Arab Emirates is proving to be a powerful actor in the Northeast Africa peninsula which is home to eight nations. It has secured two military bases, one in Eritrea and the other one in Somaliland, strategic for the fight in Yemen. Countries with limited resources like Puntland, Somaliland and Somalia enjoy the UAE’s generosity in providing military equipment as well as extensive funding and training for its security and intelligence units.

The United Arab Emirates is developing a strong military foothold in the Horn of Africa.

Recently, it secured a renewable 25-year contract to establish an air and naval base in Somaliland’s coastal city of Berbera.

Last year – in 2015 – the UAE signed a 30-year lease agreement for military use of the port of Assab in Eritrea.

When it comes to security cooperation, the UAE train and equip counterterrorism and security unites in Somalia. And in Puntland, it paid to establish a maritime police force by providing training and equipment read more